THE UPWELLING + Lilveggiepatch Giveaway!


BIG NEWS! I am so excited to share this with you.

In honor and anticipation of Ari’s band’s full-length CD debut on August 25, I will be giving away five copies of The Upwelling‘s “An American Stranger.”  To ensure a perfect food and music harmony (because, as we know, the two are forever interconnected), I will also be enclosing a special LVP baked good.

To enter, simply leave a comment telling me your favorite musical experience, be it the first time you heard your favorite band or the best concert you ever saw.  Get creative! So far, the best live shows I’ve seen have been Liz Phair (my high school favorite) and The Hold Steady (my college favorite), with lots of love in between.  For added karma, link back to this post on your blog, tweet the giveaway on Twitter, and tell your friends! You can also pre-order the album here.

Thank you all for your continuous support of my sugarbooger, Ari/ La Petite Tomate/ Tour Belly.  Contest ends Tuesday, August 25, at 10 PM EST.

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