Let The Great World Spin

Whether you find it to be a blessing or a curse, there are rare moments in life when you find yourself with an unexpected surplus of time: moments of stillness when there is nothing weighing down your shoulders, hanging over you, nagging at the back of your mind. You can just… be. I often struggle with how I will spend this little gift -for, really, why should spare time be a burden?- as there is nothing more depressing than realizing you’ve just wasted it all by lounging in bed and watching back-to-back episodes of The Office. (Not that I don’t heartily enjoy doing both of these things, but there comes a point when enough is enough!)

Anyway. This weekend my parents and I escaped upstate with no responsibilities except to relax, eat well, and enjoy each other’s company.


And enjoy we did. From the escarole soup with creamy rice and aromatic garlic

Escarole and Rice Soup.JPG

… to the roasted salmon at an old fashioned inn…


(...where one must wield a “marrow fork” in order to fully realize this particular dining experience…)

Marrow Fork.JPG

…we savored every moment.

Co-Op.JPG Restocked pantry staples at the co-op.

Mothers Day was heartily celebrated, beginning with a leisurely breakfast.

Mother's Day.JPG

As we often do for the holidays chez Veggie Patch, we dined on pancakes.


We went antiquing…


… pausing to enjoy hearty bowls of soup, before we resumed our pursuit of the perfect cast-iron skillets.

Black Bean Soup.JPG

Although sudden change can be terrifying, I truly believe it should be appreciated for what it is: an opportunity to slow down, weigh priorities, reevaluate what it is that makes you happy. There is often a great deal of pressure to go out and take on everything at once, be it living on your own, finding the perfect job, making money, starting a family.


But when it comes down to it, you only live once. There’s no one who can really tell you if the choices you’re making are “right” (although be prepared to receive advice from all over, both welcomed and unsolicited)… but it’s the mistakes you make, and what you learn along the way, that gives you the experience you need to know yourself. Of course this is my own unsolicited advice, so take it with a grain of salt ;-)

So take the time to savor your ice cream.

Ice Cream.JPG

Smell the flowers.

Bleeding Hearts.JPG

And pet that poodle.


This is the only life you’ve got. Carpe diem!

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37 comments to Let The Great World Spin

  • dorothy

    wow great post (not that they’re not all fab). i seriously just felt less stressed just by reading this!! so thanks a bunch for that, i neeeeded it haha

    glad you had a good weekend :)

  • Looks like a lovely Mother’s Day weekend!! :) The pancakes look sooo good!

  • awww what a fun mothers day!!! your pics are always BEAUTIFUL! i adore your blog- just wanted to let you know!!!

  • Love that you spent wonderful time with you family…that is so sweet, Katie!

    And I fanned you :)

  • What a sweet post! I love that you’re so close to your parents. I am too and dedicated a post to my mom just now :)
    Glad you had a great weekend!
    What book is that in the first picture? Looks interesting and I’m always open to reading recommendations.

  • depressing? no no no look at it as a nice break for the brain.. oh and a good dose of laughter since its the office! and any time spent with ur family makes up for it:) you and ur mom seem like a beautiful duo- amazing smiles and energies! beautiful <3 xoxo

  • You know I am a fan. You also know I am wondering what the hell is that orange stuff on the chocolate ice cream ;)

    I love this post!

  • Sounds like the perfect weekend! Those pancakes look amazing x

  • I absolutely love the tone of this post and the images. It is so picturesque. I can’t think of the work for now. I’ll come back later :)

  • Beautiful message. Amen!!

  • Looks like you had a wonderful day and I am so happy to hear that you savored every moment! Haha, I LOVE that pic of your dad with the fork. That is a classic! :)

    Hope everything was perfect for you this weekend hun. Take care!

  • You always have the best advice. And it’s coming from someone who is quite accomplished, so trust me – it is always taken, at least from me!
    Glad you had a great time with your parents – hope your Monday gets off to the right start, too :)

  • beautiful message!! so true!!!

    love you! looks like it was a wonderful trip!!!

  • looks like a wonderful trip and a great mothers day! everything looks so delicious and such beautiful photos!


  • Aw :) What a nice weekend. It is so nice sometimes to just BE. Its hard when you’re used to the hectic go go go. That soup looks super tasty. As does the soft serve…mmm…soft serve ;)

  • What a wonderful post and mama’s day. I’m with mamapea though, what’s the orange stuff on the chocolate ice cream?!

  • Your weekends with your parents always look SO fun and relaxing!!! Glad you got a chance to get away and unwind a bit!

  • breadandwithit

    Looks like tangy orange sherbet on the chocolate ice cream. One of my favorites too–I also try lemon sometimes. what a great weekend you had–gorgeous photos.

  • Even though I am from NY, I have never escaped Up north, sounds amazing. The time with your parents helped a lot too of course! Pancakes, food co-op, antiquing, reading…all soo good! I hope you are having a good time back in the city lady!

  • Such a timely post. I really need to hear your wonderful message. And your link to the cover of Thank Your For Being A Friend is so timely because of Betty White being on SNL. She rocked it!

  • Fun weekend!!! Looks like such an awesome getaway with your parents!

  • What a beautiful weekend and beautiful family! I love your message and totally agree! Knowing and loving yourself are last on so many people’s agendas! I’m off to fan you on facebook!

  • thank you for the reminder to enjoy life as it comes. it looks like you had a wonderful weekend and did just that.

    have a lovely day!

  • so glad you had a nice weekend! you deserve it.

  • I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s the ups and downs that help us to grow and learn, and shape us into stronger people. As long as we are able to hold onto the important stuff- family, friends…stuff that makes us happy.

    (reading between the lines here, but hope all is well in VeggiePatch world!)

  • your weekend looked and sounded like exactly what you needed. i love filling my days with family time.

    so here’s my philosophy: i think every choice we make is the right one. because every choice leads us somewhere new, and even when the new place isn’t where we’d like to be, we learn from it. we grow from it. we evolve into more “mature” people, and like you said, we start to know ourselves a little better. that’s the goal of living, right? to come into our own?

    it’s 3 pm and i seriously wish we were having this discussion over a bottle of wine.

  • Ana

    Looks like you had a great time with your family! You are very right Katie, sometimes we just need to slow down, stop focusing on what we are going to do NEXT, instead just live in the moment and enjoy because for that moment that is all you’ve got!

    Carpe Diem!!

  • Wow, what a perfect weekend! Love the looks of that escarole soup!

  • What a great post. I love the intro to the post. Words to definitely remember. Slow down and enjoy life, or at least the moment. I forget this all to easily. Thanks for reminding me. ;)

  • awwww i’m so glad you had such a fun weekend!! it’s always so nice to just take time to relax and enjoy time away from the computer with your face in a book and some good old food.

    love that ice cream girl :)

  • Aww! That all looks so fun and relaxing! I love those sorts of weekends. Nothing like them!

  • Looks like you guys have a great and relaxing get away.

  • Aya

    I totally agree with this! Sometimes I feel like if I take a break, I get punished later, but in the end, I should just breathe and do what I have to do when I have to do it, and then when I can break, just enjoy it.

    The marrow fork is adorable. I should get one for the heck of it!

    And I would love to pet a poodle. :D

  • Your posts always put me in the greatest mood! You’re just so optimistic, and I love that :)

    This post also got me so excited for some may-juhh family time this summer! Your mama’s a precious one!!

    And can we please discuss the pancakes, the ice cream, that simple but gorg bowl of oatmeal or even the black bean soup!? I’m in love!

  • Danielle

    You are oh so wise Lil Veggie!

  • what a fun getaway. your co-op purchases look great! cant wait to see how you use them :)

  • What a weekend! Seize that day and eat plenty of ice cream!

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