Guest Post: Little Bookworm & The Many Bowls of Porridge

Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you to Katie for letting me do a guest post!

I am Little Bookworm and I have a blog called Beans, Books and Cookies. I write about the meals that I eat/cook, baking that I do and the books I am currently reading. Today though I am here to talk to you about my favourite breakfast (and one that Katie also loves): Porridge (or Oatmeal).

I eat porridge most days but I like to use a variety of different ingredients when I make it. (Though I don’t think I’ve used as many as fourteen :P )

The base of my porridge tends to be half a cup of rolled oats and then a mixture of water and milk as the liquid. Sometimes I do half and half, sometimes all milk. It depends on how I feel when I am cooking it. I always like to add some milk though as I find it makes the porridge creamier. Oh and I almost always add a tablespoon of ground flaxseed after the porridge is cooked.

So without further ado here are some of the porridge combinations that I have tried (I have included links to recipes I have used as well). :)

A firm favourite for me: Banana Brulee Porridge with added cinnamon and vanilla (from the lovely Katie here.) Sometimes I add almond butter to this as well.

Berry Porridge (This particular bowl was blueberry and raspberry I believe).

Apple and Sultana Porridge (with added cinnamon, cloves and ginger)

Banana-Almond Butter-Cocoa Porridge (from here). I like to add some cinnamon and vanilla to this porridge (and most others) as well as a little agave.

Cherry Cupcake Porridge (with dried cherries, recipe from here).

Oh and who could forget: Carrot Cake Porridge (with Greek yoghurt). :D

Well I hope you have all enjoyed this guest post. Do any of you have any favourite porridge/oatmeal combinations?

Thanks again Katie!

Little Bookworm

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