Guest Post: The Many Bowls of Porridge

Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you to Katie for letting me do a guest post!

I am Little Bookworm and I have a blog called Beans, Books and Cookies. I write about the meals that I eat/cook, baking that I do and the books I am currently reading. Today though I am here to talk to you about my favourite breakfast (and one that Katie also loves): Porridge (or Oatmeal).

I eat porridge most days but I like to use a variety of different ingredients when I make it. (Though I don’t think I’ve used as many as fourteen :P )

The base of my porridge tends to be half a cup of rolled oats and then a mixture of water and milk as the liquid. Sometimes I do half and half, sometimes all milk. It depends on how I feel when I am cooking it. I always like to add some milk though as I find it makes the porridge creamier. Oh and I almost always add a tablespoon of ground flaxseed after the porridge is cooked.

So without further ado here are some of the porridge combinations that I have tried (I have included links to recipes I have used as well). :)

A firm favourite for me: Banana Brulee Porridge with added cinnamon and vanilla (from the lovely Katie here.) Sometimes I add almond butter to this as well.

Berry Porridge (This particular bowl was blueberry and raspberry I believe).

Apple and Sultana Porridge (with added cinnamon, cloves and ginger)

Banana-Almond Butter-Cocoa Porridge (from here). I like to add some cinnamon and vanilla to this porridge (and most others) as well as a little agave.

Cherry Cupcake Porridge (with dried cherries, recipe from here).

Oh and who could forget: Carrot Cake Porridge (with Greek yoghurt). :D

Well I hope you have all enjoyed this guest post. Do any of you have any favourite porridge/oatmeal combinations?

Thanks again Katie!

Little Bookworm

6 comments to Guest Post: The Many Bowls of Porridge

  • I seriously LOVE eating oatmeal and looking at pictures of it. You could show me the same bowl of oats every single day and I’d just marvel at it like it was the best thing on earth. Well, it is. I’m pretty boring with my oats…banana, cinnamon and a drizzle of maple syrup is my go-to. It’s time to mix it up. That almond butter cocoa concoction you got going on looks GOOD!

  • Thanks again Katie for letting me do a guest post! :D

    Ellen: The almond butter cocoa porridge is amazing, I definitely recommend it! (I leave out the egg white from the original recipe though).

  • I, too, have a beloved “carrot cake” combination, but I also really like chocolate & coconut, banana & blueberry, and pumpkin & banana.

  • I’m with Ellen–the almond butter cocoa mix looks perfect!

    My favorite oatmeal mix is oats, vanilla almond milk, a chopped peach, toasted chopped walnuts, some ground flaxseed, and a few chopped strawberries. Yum!

    Thanks for the great oatmeal ideas :)

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