The Skinny on Peanuts


This past Friday, I attended “Peanuts: Energy for the Good Life,” a nutrition and health presentation hosted by Peanut Butter & Co. and the National Peanut Board.


Not only March National Peanut Month, but it’s also National Nutrition Month! The event was hosted at the Openhouse Gallery in SoHo, where there were were huge photos of stylish reinterpretations on the classic PB & J sandwich.


Each guest who visited the Nutripolitan Museum of Art received a jar of Peanut Butter & Co. nut butter and had a second jar donated to the Food Bank for New York City .


The seminar itself, led by Registered Dieticion Denna Seagrave-Daly, focused on the nutritional benefits peanuts can have on your diet when you consume five servings weekly.

Some highlight on peanuts:

1 serving = 1 oz peanuts, or 2 Tablespoons peanut butter

  • contain 7g of protein, the most per serving of any nut
  • have a higher level of antioxidants than spinach, green tea or sweet potatoes
  • 1.5 oz of nuts per day may reduce the risk of heart disease
  • with a good mix of protein, unsaturated fat and fiber, peanuts help our bodie recognize when we’re satiated
  • have a low Glycemic Index (the measurement of the impact individual foods have on blood sugar levels)


After the seminar, we sampled a few peanut butter based snacks: cookies, smoothies, and veggie dip.

We were sent home with a peanut-themed goodie bag. I’ve been dying to try The Heat Is On, PB & Co.’s spicy peanut butter!

I’ve already dug into Crunch Time, the extra-crunchy variety, and mixed it into a tasty yogurt bowl (Lemon Chobani, banana, Puffins, golden berries)…

… and spread it atop an English muffin with sliced banana. Banana and peanut butter will always be one of my favorite combinations, whether it’s part of a pre-race breakfast or a midnight snack after work (which was the case with the photo below).


PB & Co’s Dark Chocolate Dreams also inspired my Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Bars!


Do you like peanuts? Have you ever tried flavored peanut butter? What’s your favorite way to use the two?

34 comments to The Skinny on Peanuts

  • omgomgomgomgomg i would have died to go and also get that goodie bag!!!! umm I LOVE PEANUTS and LOVE PEANUT BUTTER- i certainly get way more than 1.5oz a day.. try 6oz?! aha! love! oh and pb on bananas is my FAV

  • ahhh i’m so jealous of all of the ny bloggies who went to this event! i told my bff who lives in the city she better go down and get me a jar of peanut buttaz haha. i have the white chocolate wonderful and i’ve got to admit that i don’t love it but i havee wanted to try the cinna raisin and i love the chunky looks of crunch time! double score on your swag bag of nutty goodness

  • I’ve avoided peanuts/peanut butter products for about a year and a half now… I really want to add some back to my diet.

  • Oh my GOODNESS what an amazing opportunity! I’m seriously a peanut butter addict–I get at least one serving a day…every day. I’m surprised to find that it has more antioxidants than spinach?! That’s wild! And what a sweet goody bag to go home with :) Thanks for sharing about it!

  • bread'n'withit

    And how about that really creative art work?

  • What a fun event! I wish I lived closer to NYC so I could attend such things.
    I’ve been loving peanut butter in savory ways these days. I love my Spicy PB-Coconut Tofu in particular!

  • Wm Ruud

    I buy a lot of salted peanuts in my grocery store (and at the ball game). Unbelievably messy to shell & eat, but unbelievably satisfyingly good. P.S.– I go out of my way to eat the skins, too.

  • uhh this looks like HEAVEN. all the samples?! i’d die ha

  • so jealous that i could not attend this event!

  • I’m so jealous! What a cool event!! And hooray for the goody bags. I’ve been wanting to try the heat is on SO SO bad. I love peanut butter! I love it straight from the jar, on apples, in bars…etc etc! Happy Sunday

  • love the peanut paint palette! i wish peanuts weren’t so tough on my tummy. they promote inflammation so i stick to almonds. to those who enjoy peanuts, they are a nutrient rich legume so it’s not surprising they got that kind of attention haha :)

  • That sounds like a fun event! I do like peanuts, but definitely organic. I love making my own butters, like maple ones…but I have had dark chocolate dreams and loved it!

  • I wanted to go to that on Friday so badly! Darn work. I love peanuts and peanut butter so much. I went to the “gallery” on Saturday and got the chili pepper PB as my free jar – now the challenge is figuring out what to make with it!

  • What a cool exhibit! So jealous of that goodie bag, too. My fave PB & CO is dark chocolate dreams. That stuff is dangerous, though!

  • That looks like such a fun exhibit! Definitely something I would have loved to attend. :) My favorite flavored PB has been dark chocolate so far with cinnamon raisin in a close second. I do want to try PB & Co’s “The Heat is On”, too..that just sounds too interesting to pass up!

  • Megan

    Cinnamon raisin is so amazing! Dark choc/ white choc are so good too! Only one I dont care for is..bees knees, for some reason it to me. Not sure why

  • I loved the exhibit! I can’t wait to try The Heat is On PB too! It should be great in savory recipes :)

  • Love all of your recent, delicious NYC finds!! My friends live in Soho and I’ve passed by that cupcake shop…kiiinda bummed i didn’t go! :D Can i tell u that one of my FIRST blog posts was after i got back to CA after a Boston/nyc trip…where I had bought my very first jar of the elusive PB and Co mighty maple. To my horrrorrr- the stupid TSA guy threw it away!! Aghhhh….haha needless to say I finally satisfied my craving..and it was defff worth it! I think VG actually sent me one to try after that disaster :)

  • Um, yeah. I’m officially drooling right now.

  • I saw the peanut board post about this on facebook. It looks like a lot of fun! I am definitely a peanut butter lover! Boiled peanuts are a favorite, but I give peanut butter some love daily!

  • i would have given my right arm to attend that event! i heard they even had PB flavored martinis and cocktails there. Drool :)

  • Yay. I ate pbj everyday last week. Good to know that I wasn’t sabotaging my diet.

  • That looks like the best event ever! I adore peanut butter, I love Dark Chocolate Dreams but it is so hard to get hold of in the UK. Great to hear those healthy pb stats!

  • I would have thought that I had died and gone to heaven if I’d been at that!
    I adore peanuts. I love PB&Co’s peanut butter but I’ve never tried their flavoured ones because they don’t stock them here in Ireland.
    I love snack packs of peanuts, and I always have a few lying at the bottom of my bag because they keep me much more content than lower calorie snacks, plus they taste delicious!!

  • This looks like so much fun! I cut out peanuts for a long time because I was reacting badly to them. However- I recently had some and felt great!! So I’m thinking of sneaking them back in! My favourite way to eat peanut butter will always be on a banana- smothering each bite as I eat it!!

  • Deanna S-D

    Katie – thanks for attending and summarizing the seminar so well! For all you who want to try The Heat is On Peanut Butter & Co (has cayenne pepper) -it’s a terrific savory ingredient in a peanut soup or peanut sauce (over noodles, with chicken, etc.) It also makes really delicious peanut butter cookies – giving a sweet/spicy combo.

    More recipes here:

  • Oh I’m in LOVE with peanuts and mostly peanut butter. I feel slightly bad because my hubby is badly allergic to nuts so I try to eat it when I’m not around him because I can’t kiss him before brushing my teeth and drinking water after eating it.

  • mmm, i love peanut butter! i didn’t as a child, but when i hit 18 i just fell in love with it. i love the cinnamon raisin flavour, i also love it with chocolate, dates or prunes – the combo of salty and sweet is divine :)

  • AAAAH jealous! I wanted to go but I think it took place during the day on a weekday, no? I was so bummed I couldn’t make it. Sad face. But banana + pb = epic and eternal. Happy face. :)

    Seeya later!

  • I cannot get enough of peanut butter- my favorite flavored kind is PB&CO. cinnamon raisin!

  • currently eating a bowl of banana oatmeal with trader joe’s crunchy peanut butter, blueberry preserves and cinnamon….enough said :) of course i looove it!

    the heat is on pb looks so good! i’ve always wanted to try it with some type of savory meal…MMM

  • Bonnie

    Slap some pb on bread, and toast it in a flat toaster! The pb meltss and mmmm!!! it’s sooo irresistible. The pb is melty and all~ Then I either combine it with nutella or fruit jam and sandwich it with bananas. *drools*

  • Dana Marie

    I had really wanted to attend that – but I was SO tired and it was cold– I needed some Peanuts to get me there! irony!

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