Mexican Lunch, Spring Dinner

No cookie dough for breakfast… when you live with other people, using the blender at odd hours of the day and night isn’t always appreciated. (True story: when I was in college, I used to bring the blender to the basement laundry area so I could blend quietly!) So, yogurt bowl it was!

yogurt bowl.JPG

  • peach-flavored Greek yogurt
  • Quaker Oatmeal Squares
  • Ambrosial Granola muesli
  • 1/2 banana
  • almond butter

Then off to school I went! I only have three more days of classes before finals, which blows my mind! It seems like just a few days ago that I was re-embarking on this new path of mine.

My friend Lisa and I met for an early lunch at Candle Cafe, one of my favorite- and least frequented- vegan restaurants. Eating with Lisa helps me slow down and savor every bite… she’s been a slow eater since middle school, and I really appreciate it! I’m so used to rushing through meals at work, or having to divide my time between eating/studying/cooking/etc. Sometimes it’s nice to just relax about the whole thing! Lisa’s also about to embark on a whole new adventure, so it was exciting to catch up with her and hear about all of her big plans.

As usual, but also in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, I ordered the Aztec Salad: bicolor quinoa, black beans, red onion and corn, topped with spiced pumpkin seeds and barbequed grilled tempeh. served over mixed field greens with toasted cumin vinaigrette. I also asked for a side of spicy peanut dressing, which was a delicious addition! There were so many menu items I was tempted to try, but for lunch, this was what I wanted. The next time I go for dinner, though, I’m promising myself that I’ll try something new!

Aztec bowl.JPG

Lisa got the Soba Noodle Salad: bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, edamame, carrots, daikon, red cabbage, sugar snap peas, and sesame seeds. served over mesclun with creamy wasabi dressing.

Soba Salad.JPG

We weren’t quite ready to part ways, so after lunch, we went to Starbucks and took our drinks to go, sitting outside and talking a little longer.

chai.JPG Tall soy chaididn’t miss the milk at all. But I do wish the soy milk wasn’t vanilla-flavored.

I spent the rest of the time before class trying to sort through some administrative things at school. Even though I have an English degree, there’s still an English requirement for my program! I’ll be able to have that sorted out, but it takes so many steps to get there. I’ve got a lot to do on Monday!

When I got home after my last class, I needed a little something before my workout. Instead of going for the apple I’d planned, I decided to have some leftover spaghetti squash (sautéed in butter and olive oil with a little garlic and fresh sage) instead. It’s funny, but I usually don’t think of savory meal items as potential snacks! Do you?

spaghetti squash.JPG

50 minutes after my YogaDownload podcast, I felt great. As I was leaving school, I was feeling really drowsy and considered a nap, but I was also feeling a little anxious about a few things that are going on right now. I considered going for a run because the weather was so nice, but honestly, running hasn’t appealed to me at all lately. And I am totally, 100% okay with that. I haven’t had time to go to my yoga studio lately, but my at-home session suited me just fine. It was difficult, my breath was heavy, and there were times where I thought about shutting my computer and ending my practice. But I stuck it out, even though I could hear kitchen sounds outside my bedroom, even though my mind was racing through all of the 458 things I “needed” to do, even though my biceps were burning. And as I said, I felt great afterwards. I’ve been using most of the same podcasts for the last couple years, but they still challenge and inspire me. It’s nice to not always have to make time for a class, or a trip to the gym! (And I’m still pretty sore.)

I was on my own for dinner, but I still managed to make it a celebration.

solo dinner.JPG

Do you know one way- aside from the blooming flowers, the shining sun, the outdoor tables- that I know it’s spring? The surplus of beautiful, seasonal recipes that are beginning to crop up. Every time the weather changes, I look forward to finding new ways to use the season’s produce. Although I never get tired of root vegetables and beta carotene, I’m really looking forward to all of the bright veggies that spring and summer has to offer! (And this year’s will be particularly special for me… but more on that in a month or so :-) .)

I’ve had Heidi’s recipe for Spring Pasta bookmarked ever since she posted it. One thing I love about it? It’s so easily customizable; you can really use whatever vegetables you have in your fridge. And you cook the veggies in just a smidge of butter and oil, a technique my mom always uses. It really brings out the flavor!


I used carrots, leftover kale salad, frozen peas, and fresh cilantro. I also loved the raw avocado garnish; I first tried this in college with a recipe from Veganomican, and I think it’s absolutely genius. Anyway, I have a feeling a version of this pasta will be an LVP family staple, especially on late nights.

Spring Pasta Recipe.JPG

For dessert, I made another of Katie’s raw fudge (cups). This time, I sprinkled a little salt and a few goji berries on top. LOVED. Katie, seriously, you may be my new best friend.   

Blueberry Coconut Fudge.JPG

We’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us. I hope all of you moms and daughters enjoy your Mothers Days!

16 comments to Mexican Lunch, Spring Dinner

  • haha- I use our magic bullet in the laundry room with the door closed so I don’t wake up Josh :) I so want to go to Candle! jealousss! That place looks awesome- and I’d order your salad. Good luck with the end of the semester. Avocado- must pick some up. Hope you have a great weekend.

  • Yeaah my family HATE my blender!!
    That dish from Candle…ohmydays. i don’t know what else is on the menu but I don’t care – that os exactly what I would’ve ordered!!
    Nope, I never think of savoury snacks, it’s weird..functional fixedness or whatever :p

  • LOL I’ve definitely brought the Magic Bullet into the bathroom before! It’s weird to blend your breakfast next to the toilet… ah, what we do for the love of others, right? ;)

    I would LOVE to be your best friend! Can we have “chocolate-eating” dates and then go to the Candle Cafe and get lunch? Btw, their chocolate mousse pie is my absolute favorite dessert in this world!

  • I know I hate making too much noise in front of others. In college lots of cereal was consumed, haha

    I am looking forward to spring and summer foods, but I am like you I love my root veggies!

  • You are such a considerate roomie for not using your blender – so nice!

    I really like your idea of using both butter and oil to sauté veggies. The best of both worlds!

  • True story – in college I had a magic bullet and I once made this fabulous smoothie. Alas, when it was all blended and ready to consume I could not get the lid off the jar. I had this delicious smoothie staring back at me through the plastic, but I couldn’t drink it. I’ve been a little scarred ever since. heh.

    The fudge cups look yummie!

  • avery

    So wacky that you have to take an english class even though you have a degree in the subject! Oh vey.

    I can’t wait to hear about this thing in “a month or so”. What a tease!

  • I always come close to getting that salad at Candle but never end up ordering it. Did they have the Taco Salad for Cinco de Mayo, by any chance? It’s a special, but it’s seriously my favorite thing on the menu!

  • i LOVE spring and summer because the veggies get gorgeous too! it’s time for the fresh crunch of gorgeous fruits! anddddddd it’s berry season which i absolutely LOVE out east :) yay!

    ALSO school is almost overrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! woooo!!!! haha only a few more weeks for moi! good luck with everything girl! as soon as school is over it calls for another date night :)

  • Jen

    I wake up at 4:30 to work out and there have been mornings that all I was craving after was a icy smoothie, starting up the blender and waking up 3 kids and a husband is not an option! I did sneak out to the garage a few times last summer to use the blender though ;)
    Loving your lunch and dinner!! I may have to borrow your idea of cooking the carrots in butter and oil.

  • I have a friend who is a slow eater and I love it! I always feel like when I eat with others who eat fast, I have to keep up. I’m a slow eater myself so its nice to have a dinner partner with the same pace. :)

    Sounds like a wonderful lunch! And dinner looks fabulous! Wine and Salad are almost as perfect as smoothies and salads. :)

  • oh man ive been wanting to try candle cafe foreevverrr and your pics are just making me want to try it even more!! your tempeh/quinoa dish looks amazing!!!

    i also haven’t really had time / or felt like going to the gym + classes… instead ive been just taking walks here and there and i feel great! i think it’s always good to be active but there are SO many ways to do that outside the realm of going to the gym or running – im glad youre getting in touch with what you want/need =)

  • Haha! You were a lot nicer than I was in college. I often made 1 AM protein shakes:)

  • I think you consistently have some of the tastiest and best looking eats out of anyone I know!!


  • Happy (late) birthday! You lokoed sooo cute as a baby! Funny to find out that one of my fav bloggers shares a birthday with me hehe:) And I turned 27 as well!

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