Cooking Blind

It’s gotten to the point where I can pretty much make a bowl of Cookie Dough Oats in my sleep. Good thing I don’t, though, because they get so thick and creamy in the fridge overnight! This morning, in addition to the chocolate and almond butter topping, I added some dried (unsweetened) cherries for a little sweetartness.

Cookie Dough Smoothie.JPG

After browsing and trying on a few things at Gap and Bloomingdale’s (I have a wedding coming up and don’t have quite the right thing to wear), I went home for lunch. Thanks to all the prep over the weekend, I didn’t have to spend too long assembling my meal!


  • spinach with balsamic vinegar
  • roasted vegetables
  • Ultimate Veggie Burger, with melted cheddar and avocado
  • Mmm Sauce, for dipping (and dipping, and dipping)

I ate lunch completely unplugged: the laptop stayed closed, and my phone sat charging in the other room. I was determined to finish my book without any interruptions!


Going home for lunch is nice, but not always the best idea because it makes it really hard to go back to school! But, it was my last psychology class- and last class!- of the semester. All I’ve got now is a math final on Thursday and my psych exam next Monday. And then I’ll have a few days that are completely free before the summer semester starts!

Back on campus, I got really hungry during class, so I dug into a ZonePerfect Trail Mix bar.

Zone Trail Mix.JPG

The company sent me two bars from their Sweet & Salty line: Cashew Pretzel and Trail Mix. Lately my taste for sweetness has greatly decreased, and I found both of these bars to be way, way too sugary for me. It just didn’t taste like something someone could make in their kitchen, ya know? But Zone does have great marketing packages! Remember what they sent for their Cookie Dough bars?

Zone Perfect Sweet & Salty.JPG

The weather’s been chilly and rainy all week, which makes it kind of a mess to walk outside in but very cozy to curl up in bed with a good book! After I got home, I read for a couple hours and finally finished my book. I have a long list of things I want to check out of the library, and I’m excited to have the time to read!


Dinner was a little redundant from lunch, but I was craving grains and vegetables. I heated up a bowl of millet with roasted veggies and plenty of Mmm Sauce… I re-drizzled so many times! I’m already halfway through my stash…


For dessert, raw fudge.

raw fudge.JPG

Ari suffered through Gossip Girl with me after dinner. I’m sad that the season is over; I don’t want to wait until October for new episodes! We just started watching Parenthood; I like it, but Ari’s not quite drawn in yet. Have you watched it?

What recipes do you know so well that you could make them half-asleep?

22 comments to Cooking Blind

  • Haha, I used to think Bloomingdale’s was a fake store, made purely for Friends! It took me YEARS to realise it was real :p
    I have a squashed up oats recipe which is like, automatic to me :D


    That would be The Smitten Kitchen’s barley risotto. It’s SO good, and I think because barley is heartier than arborio rice, it’s less mess-able… which is key.

    ALSO: I finally broke into that Lindt chocolate last night. SO GOOD!

  • mmm- yummy bowl o oats! Josh and I are both HUGE dried, unsweetened cherry fans- always add them to my granolas when I have them on hand. That veg burger looks good too- especially with the avocado on top. I can make most of my bar and cookie recipes in my sleep :)

  • Your post made me laugh so many times… especially about the cookie dough making in your sleep.

    You must have super-yummy dreams, girl! :)

    I miss Gossip Girl! I force myself to not watch until it comes out on dvd. So I have no idea what went on this season and am counting down the days til it comes out so I can catch up.

  • I can make Oaties in my sleep. Seriously, I think I could do it blindfolded. Hubby loves his Oaties!

    I bet the cherries added the perfect touch of tartness. Good combo for sure.

    Mmm sauce – my batch lasted 24 hours. Love Mama Pea and her creations. Also love curling up with a good book when it’s raining outside. I could live in my down comforter.

  • I can’t make ANYTHING in my sleep. Because once I start to think that I know how to do something so well and stop thinking about what I’m doing, I leave out something… and it’s never something minor, it’s always a main player. Like the time I made baked oatmeal and forgot to include the oats…

    <3 <3

  • I could easily make my oatmeal in my sleep, or my favorite smoothie.

    We have nasty weather here too, and it makes me want to read and watch movies, which is fine with me. It’s nice to take a break from the regular busy-ness.

  • I really want that millet bowl and some mmm sauce right now.

    Dishes I can make in my sleep: miso cod, spicy prawns, and spicy tuna melts!

  • I am pretty sure I could make chocolate chip cookies in my sleep (although with the oven on, that might be a BAD idea…)

    This rainy weather just makes me want to stay inside with a book and bake!

  • I think I could probably make chili in my sleep. Even though I never make it 100% the same each time, its one of those recipes where you just throw everything in a pan and it turns out good!

  • I must make the Mmmm Sauce! Let’s see, I could probably make chili in my sleep. I love that stuff.

  • Ha, I think I could make a green smoothie in my sleep now I make them so often!

  • oh! i seriously need to get on the mmm sauce bandwagon ASAP! i’ve heard such amazing things about it but am too lazy to make it haha well that and i can’t find time to brush my hair let alone make the mm sauce

    i agree if i went home between classes i would NEVER go back! i have a hard enough time pushing myself to get there period. haha we’re almost thereeee! are you taking summer classes?

  • i’ve been having similar salads at dinner i cannot get enough. so savory!

  • I can whip up some hummus blind :) My “recipe” just involves tossing unmeasured amounts of whatever ingredients I have on hand/sound good at the time into the blender. Each batch is slightly unique!

  • Aren’t dried cherries awesome? I am mildly obsessed with them these days.
    I can make Cashew Ginger Tofu with my eyes closed…

  • i love love love parenthood! fantastic show.

  • why is it that bowls of roasted vegetables never get old? i’m packing something similar to your dinner for my lunch today.

    i could definitely make oatmeal in my sleep. and if it weren’t for fear of slicing off a finger while chopping, i’m sure i could make a basic stir fry as well.

    this weather needs to end – the yen for hibernation is reminding me far too much of winter!

  • andrenna

    hi lvp! can you post what recipe you usually use to make your cookie dough smoothie? is it the same one HEAB uses? i like it, but when i put it into my caloriecounter, it came out to 500+ calories! do you use a full 1/2 cup of uncooked oats? i like a big breakfast, so i’m just curious if you are doing the same. yesterday i split up the smoothie and drank half before my workout and half after, and i felt a little better about it, but it still put me over my calories for the day. :\ any ideas for making it fit into my (temporary) calorie deficit diet?

  • I could definitely whip out a MEAN bowl of overnight oats in my sleep. I’m addicted.

  • elizabeth

    Yes, would love to know what recipe you use – I want to try it, but do you add nutritional yeast ets?

    Please post your recipe!

  • Laila

    Parenthood kind of creeps up on and draws you in eventually. Friday Night Lights was the same way for me. I wasn’t really into the first few episodes, and midway through the first season, I was totally addicted.

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