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Morning, friends! How’s your week going so far? What’s the weather like where you are? It’s HOT here! Hot and muggy. But we had such a long and terrible winter that aside from the preliminary comments about my hair puffing out, I will not complain about the heat. No more down vests and winter vests for me, please!

Motivation/ Inspiration struck again, and I made it back to the gym before work! 2 miles on the treadmill (my joints were tight, so it was a little rouhg) followed by abs and curtsy combos.

Breakfast was the usual bring-to-work fare:

yogurt bowl.JPG

  • Greek yogurt
  • 1 banana
  • Quaker Oatmeal Squares
  • Ambrosial muesli
  • sunflower butter

I was so enamored with my kale caesar at Counter the other night that I tried to recreate the same thing for lunch. It’s all about the dressing (which I didn’t have time to make and instead substituted lemon juice + Mmm sauce) but I did make some tempeh croutons, the recipe for which I will share with you later.


After work, I headed to Rebecca’s apartment to help her get ready for our inaugural Cooking Club/ potluck. The menu was tapas-style, and featured a plethora of Smitten Kitchen recipes. Below, Rebecca is adding the finishing touch (Magic Hat beer!) to SK’s Arroz con Pollo.


Soon, we were joined by Kelly, Leslie, Sofia and Megan (who snuck out for the photo).

cooking club.JPG

We were ready to begin! We started with gazpacho and red, red wine.  

dinner .JPG

We ate buffet style: Spinach & Chickpeas (we made this when I arrived, and omitted the bread for lack of a food processor), Arroz con Pollo, Spinach, Gruyère, & Carmelized Onion Quiche (made by Megan), and Tortilla de Patatas.


It was a feast! Everything complemented each other wonderfully.


We also had quite the spread for dessert: I brought Katie’s Chocolate-Chip Blondies (!), Kelly made Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter cookies, and Sofia made Coconut Banana Bread with lime glaze.


We were happy, happy diners. And will continue to be happy today with our leftovers!

dessert  .JPG

Thanks again to Rebecca for hosting a wonderful evening. I always have so much fun with this fabulous group of ladies!

What did you bring to the last potluck/ cooking party you attended? If you haven’t been to one, what would your dream dinner theme be?

18 comments to Cooking Club

  • Aww I am so honored you made the blondies! :)
    Your meet-up looks like so much fun!

    My dream dinner theme would be… chocolate! Oooh I should really make that a reality!


    “We” made this when I arrived — YOU made it! :) It was so good–definitely going on my roster of recipes.

  • Everything was so yummy last night! I still can’t believe those blondies were made from CHICKPEAS.

  • Ada

    That looks like such a fun dinner! Glad you girls had a nice time together:)

  • I love potlucks!

    For the last one I attended, which was for a good friend’s 25th birthday, I made homemade bread and butter. I love trying all kinds of new treats at dinner parties.

  • yum. i especially loved the dessert course, naturally.

    what’s our theme for the next meeting?! one of these days i vote cuban + mojitos. when it’s super summery out. thoughts?

  • Yayyy for the am workout!!! Its suppose to be like 96 here today. The dinner looks like so much fun! What was your favorite dish?? I brought sun butter cookies to jennys graduation party :) have a great day

  • I would love to attend a pot luck type party with like minded eaters, unfortunatley almost everyone I know aren’t foodies like me! My dream theme would be vegan – perhaps everyone bringing something from a cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskowitz so vegannomicon, appetite for reduction, vegan cupcakes and cookies invade your cookie jar etc. I would have a happy tummy!

  • Yall really had a great spread. Dinner parties are the best especially when the company is as good or better than the food!

  • I can’t even remember the last potluck I went to. Looks like a great feast, for sure!

  • Everything was so delicious, and your blondies were amazeballs. I fully support Sofia’s Cuban + mojito idea – that sounds perfect!

  • if i don’t workout in the morning, chances are i won’t do it! last cooking club thing was a Parisian dinner yum!

  • what a GREAT little cooking club and dinner party!! i feel like this glorious weather brings out all of the fun things haha. although it IS muggy especially in a car with no air conditioning and dead stop traffic on the belt parkway haha

    are you doneeeee???

  • Love the potluck dinner idea! What a great night. :)

  • Awww I’m totes jeal of your cooking club! I can’t remember when my last potluck was, but my roommates/friends and I usually have “Pizza Lab” on Friday night. I make some pizza doughs, everyone brings a couple ingredients, and we have fun making up new combos. It’s fun and affordable!

  • What a spread! Seth and I went to a potluck last weekend and we brought Orange Sesame Tofu and Creamy Cashew Dip (both from ED&BV) and garlicky broccoli.

  • I’ve been known to bring black bean brownies to parties…or the “token vegetarian dish!”

    I totally hear you on the puffy-hair weather. My Greek grandmother is laughing at me from beyond the grave.

  • i ate another one of those blondies last night, and i have decided that it is literally insane that they are made from chickpeas. they are SO good. the recipe seems easy, i think i could handle making a batch of my own!

    i seriously love every night that we all get together. enjoy your few days of freedom!

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