Heat Wave!

Whew, is anyone else having a heat wave? Last night when I went to bed, my phone’s temperature stream still read 93˚! Like last summer, which was also pretty hot, I miss most of the hot and sticky weather because I’m inside all day at work in the air conditioning! I’m that person who is always cold, so while it’s in the 90s outside, I’m usually wrapped in a sweater as I wait at the door of the restaurant to greet customers.

heat wave.tiff

Got to class on time yesterday; my stomach was grumbling a little before we started, so I had a bite of a Kashi bar to quiet it (I ate the rest at work while waiting for a good time to take a quick break for lunch.) After class, I stopped at a deli for an iced coffee. This was my second day in a row, and while yes, it hurt my stomach, it was absolutely worth it because I was seriously dragging even after being awake for 3 hours. I’m going to see if the deli has soy milk (doubtful), and see if that changes anything. I’m still experimenting! Right now, here are the top three tummy-turning culprits: 1) the coffee itself, 2) dairy milk, and 3) the time of day (early in the morning before I’ve eaten). I hope they have soy so I can rule one thing out!


My breakfast was quite filling this morning, due to a special addition: a crumbled Brown Butter Banana Strawberry muffin!

yogurt bowl.JPG

  • 2% Greek yogurt
  • Brown Butter Banana Strawberry Muffin
  • 1/2 banana
  • cashew butter

Business was steady and I had a good book to read, so the first hours passed quickly. I had another green bowl for lunch… are you getting tired of these yet? I love how filling they are, and the hot sauce and globs of hummus really bring everything together. I also use a little balsamic before I toss everything together.

green bowl.JPG

The 15 minute walk home was so brutally hot and not only turned my arms a little pink, but made me so sleepy! Still, I changed into my gym clothes as soon as I walked in the door.


Somehow, though, Ari found me in bed when he got home, and we decided to just get started on our evening project instead.


Our friend’s birthday is today, so we made one of her favorite meals as a treat:Baked Ziti! We didn’t taste it, but it smelled pretty darn good. The recipe came from Naples at Table . It’s out of print, but you can buy it used on Amazon! We got it as a gift from our friend Anita last Christmas, and I’ve been waiting for the right time to dive into it.


For my own dinner, I heated up leftover fettuccine, steamed some German Butterball potatoes and tossed them in butter, sea salt + pepper, and saved a little of the steamed vegetables I was making simultaneously for my lunch.


For dessert, I made myself a pretty little heart of a fudge cup, which I topped with sea salt and unsweetened dried cherries.

fudge cup.JPG

We watched The Feast of Love after dinner; I just read the book last week, really liked it, and was curious to see how it would be as a movie. Like most film versions of books, a LOT was cut out, changed, and sort of Hollywood-ized. I still enjoyed it, but because I’d read it so recently, it was impossible for me not to compare it to the book, which I felt was far superior. Some books seem to do wonderfully as movies… The Hours , by Michael Cunningham, is one of my favorite books and films.

How do you feel about book-to-movies? Have you seen any good versions recently?

19 comments to Heat Wave!

  • Awww it’s a heart! Love it!
    And lol 94 at night is pretty much the usual here in Tx… over 100 every day; it’s awful! At least we don’t get much humidity… and it’s a good excuse to eat lotsa ice cream ;) .

  • I’m about to watch American Psycho with Suave Slav… we’re hoping it’s NOT like the book, hahaha.

  • I’m also one of those people that seems to be constantly cold! I hope the heat wave your having comes to the UK soon!

  • when i got in my car to leave work yesterday, the temperature said it with 102 degrees! i leave for the beach in three days, and i hope it’s not too dangerously hot in the outer banks, nc!


  • I loveeeeeeeee the heat too and am always freezing! Everyone told me I’d be so warm once I got pregnant….but, nope! Still cold haha. I bet the strawberry muffin really made that yogurt mess. And baked ziti is such a fabulous treat- I hope your friend enjoys it. Books to movie can either be awesome or terrible. It seems there is no in between. Have a good Thursday

  • I’ve only seen the movie – I suppose I should check out the book, since you liked it more!

  • looks delicious! stay cool and hydrated!!

  • I have to admit, I am LOVING the heat! :) But I;m just weird and think the hotter the better. :)

  • I’m always the freezing cold girl, too! Hah, every single day this past school year in my biology class, the first thing I would do when I walked into the room (which was always particularly cold) would be to put down my stuff, take off my shoes (I always wore thick fuzzy socks!), curl up with my knees tucked to my chin in my desk, and swaddle myself in my coat. I didn’t care that I looked like a loony–I was FREEZING and I wanted warmth NOWWW. Haha. But yeah, winters suck.

    I’ve kinda come to accept that movies are never going to be as good as books. The one exception I think was The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I thought that was a splendid movie, but the book was just meh.

  • Oh my, the cheese and basil on top of that lasagna look really good! I’m sure your friend appreciated the home-cooked meal :)

  • Well. We were having a heat wave. Yesterday it was 97 degrees. Today? Current high is 54.

    Wisconsin… Where we like to keep you guessing.

  • I’m loving the heat—it does make me sleepy, though. I’ve been an always-cold person since I can remember, so I love when it’s hot and steamy out. It adds a really mellow tone to the day, even when it’s a bit busy. At least that’s how I always feel!

  • Yes! This heat wave is killlerr! Our first 100* day was in May!! We’re still usually in the 80s around there. So not looking forward to when summer “actually” begins.

    Baked ziti sounds really good! I’ve never had that before.

  • It’s sooooo hot in DC too! I am rehearsing currently for a show outside (bc it is about the wilderness)…it was 100 degrees today, and our director is letting us rehearse in our swimsuits bc it is crazy hot.

    What is the Feast of Love about? I’m looking for a new book to read, and I luuurve books about food

  • ooof! it is a scorrrcher today! i did not have fun driving home with no sc on the belt pkway traffic in that! my coworker was walking aruond with a damn sweater on i was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME. she’s a nut though

    anyways i’m adding the hours to my list of things to read for sure! i have a list i just need to follow through with it now haha

  • ugh it is disgusting isn’t it! i love summer but this humidity/high temps is a little absurd! i end up at work in the morning sweating already which is entirely gross!

  • yeah, not to harp on the weather but it really is crazy (and i don’t work in air co — eek). it’s like this every summer here, but always throws me off so much. i lose my appetite (well, not completely, haha) and can’t bring myself to workout. better get over these soon! haha.

  • Wm Ruud

    Fowles’ The French Lieutenant’s Woman– killer book; very different movie w/ Meryl Streep & Jeremy Irons, screenplay by Harold Pinter– killer movie

  • Ha! I wish it were in the 80s here–we’re lucky if we stay under 95 these days.
    I’m an English major at heart–I always think the book is better than the movie:)

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