Five Things for Tuesday <—- giveaway post

1. New journals! I’m a huge fan of writing for oneself, as I’ve mentioned, and have been writing up a storm these last few months.
tomboy journal.JPG

I ordered this one off Etsy a couple days ago and it just arrived, even more perfect than I’d hoped. I’m really picky about the kind of journal I write in, and must have: unlined paper, a unique cover, and must not look mass-produced. This is made out of a recycled book, and I love the faux library card insert the artist put in the back cover.

tomboy etsy journal.JPG

2. Single lady dinner! A friend recently sent me this book, which is a collection of essays by writers (including Ann Patchett and Haruki Murakami, two of my very favorites) about the rituals of cooking and eating alone. Do we make the same kind of elaborate meals we would make for family or friends? Do we assemble random ingredients similar to a pregnant woman’s cravings? What is our ultimate dish to eat in private? I love it.

alone in the kitchen with an eggplant.JPG

In the third essay, “Beans and Me,” Jeremy Jackson describes the meal he makes for himself night after night: beans + cheesy rice (or sometimes beans + cornbread). Reading about it on the crosstown bus, I was salivating. So last night, I had to make it myself. And it was the best rice and beans I’ve ever had. You’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking, “Come on, Katie, how good can rice and beans be?” I’ll tell you. Jackson uses canned beans, but instead of draining and rinsing them as I normally would, he first sautés garlic and onion in oil and then dumps the entire can, liquid and all, into the pot to simmer. Uh-mazing. On the side, Green Giant Cheesy Rice + Broccoli (bought with a coupon from the company… surprisingly delicious!) and steamed butternut squash. Heavenly dinner alone.

rice and beans.JPG

3. Single lady desserts! I made Katie’s Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie for One over the weekend, and I experimented just about every way I could. I tried using pumpkin first (instead of oil) and nuking it in the microwave, but it came out sort of rubbery. I tried again in the microwave, this time using oil. Again, spongey and not at all crisp. I was craving a cookie, which is as much about texture as flour and chocolate, so I started a third time, this time using coconut oil and baking it in the oven.

single-serving chocolate chip cookie.JPG I baked it in a ramekin and ate it with a spoon. Third time’s a charm! All that was missing was the ice cream.
4. A special “chipment” from popchips! I went out for spinach, and came back to this heavenly sight on my doormat.
popchips.JPG If you’ve read my blog in the last couple months, you’ve probably noticed my obsession with these air-popped chips. And up until a couple months ago, I didn’t really have an opinion about chips… I could take ‘em or leave ‘em. But popchips? I had to have them every day. Somehow the company must have heard about my obsession, because this box showed up on my doorstep, complete with two new-to-me flavors: Parmesan Garlic and Jalepeño.    popchip flavors.JPG 5. I want to hook you up, too!popchip box.JPGOn behalf of popchips anonymous (ahem), one US reader will win the same sample pack you see above. And before you go ahead and say you couldn’t possibly finish those all yourself, know that I, too, was once a non-believer. Those things won’t last two weeks!
Want to win? Here are 3 ways to enter!1. Leave a comment with your favorite meal to make for yourself. Rice and beans? Grilled cheese? Banana-pickle sandwiches? Let’s have ‘em!2. What’s your favorite savory snack? (Other than popchips, of course ;-) .) I’m always on the lookout for things to bring to school!3. Tweet this contest @lilveggiepatch + @popchips.

You have until Friday morning to enter. In the mean time, I’ll be building myself a lil’ chip-nest.

The giveaway is now closed. The winner is:

Congratulations, Nikki! Please send me an e-mail with your mailing address.

99 comments to Five Things for Tuesday <—- giveaway post

  • Maggie

    My favorite meal to make alone is curry fried rice with tofu and lots of veggies. It’s my ultimate comfort food, and it makes enough for lunch for 3 or 4 days afterward!

  • All my favorite foods and snacks are savory! Chips and salsa or cottage cheese and salsa are my favorites!!

  • Nikki

    I like to make an omelette with Laughing Cow cheese and honey mustard squirted in before sautéing.

  • Marne

    PB&B! Peanut butter & banana sandwich made in a panini press. Sometimes I mix canned pumpkin in with the PB first – delish!!

  • Mary

    I love a veggie stir-fry with sesame oil. YUM.

  • Mary

    My favorite savory snack? Pretzels and hummus.

  • I love making home made pizzas on wraps!!

  • fav savory snack?! carrots and hummus!

  • Beth Ingber

    Im going to look for those pop chips….they look to me like the rice chips I usually buy that also come in different flavors…

    I take a whole wheat bread…spread it with tomato sauce…cover in mozzarella cheese, bits of onion and green pepper…toast it in the toaster oven….quick and delicious

  • Laura

    fave savory snacks: pita chips and hummus, nuts nuts nuts, kale chips! yummmm.

  • patti

    My favorite meal is turkey chili in the crock pot, kale chips and a cold beer!

  • Nicole G

    Favorite meal to make for myself? Tofu/hummus sandwich with spinach and tomato. Simple but delicious! I also like making my own mock vegetarian spaghettios – TJ’s meatless meatballs, a serving of pasta, TJ’s creamy tomato soup. So warm and comforting.

  • Nicole G

    My favorite savory snack is dipping lightly toasted sandwich thins all broken up into trader joe’s original hummus. I’d love to try the savory popchips tho.. I love the bbq flavor

  • LaRae

    My favorite meal to make myself if definitely Oatmeal! It’s so simple and versatile, and I could eat it every meal of the day! You can add almost anything to it and it’s sooo good!

  • LaRae

    My favorite savory snack would probably have to be what everyone else’s is: hummus! With either pretzel thins or celery & carrots dipped in. Delicious

  • Popchips are so yummy! My favorite alone meal is stir-fry veggies, TJ’s soyaki sauce, and slightly buttery/salty brown rice! My favorite savory snack is probably soft pretzels…does that count as a snack or a meal? W/e they just rock!

  • Catherine

    My home alone meal is always a plate full of side-dish veggies. When the meat-eating boyfriend is away, I can help myself to all of the vegetables :) As for snacks, I have been known to eat an entire bag of goldfish in one sitting…

  • Floey

    Scrambled eggs and toast with a side of fresh fruit!

  • Floey

    favorite savory snack would be ham slices and crackers!

  • I make the weirdest stuff sometimes when I’m cooking for myself. I’d say my go-to is a lettuce-less salad. Just a bunch of vegetables in a bowl with some with lime juice and salt!

  • My fav meal to make for myself is a bagel with jam, swiss cheese, and sliced pear on top! YUM!

  • My fav savory snack is Peanutbutter crackers!

  • I tweeted the link – @Christianqt07

  • Lacey

    The dishes I make home alone tend to be pretty random. Usually they are dependent on what leftovers are currently in the fridge or if I’m craving something. Often it’s a mixture of some form of protein (beans, tuna, tofu) and whatever veggies saute off the fastest. Cover it all with srirachi, soy sauce, honey, and all three cravings of mine are met – sweet, savory, spicy.

  • Lacey

    Dill pickle chips or jalepeno chips are my most favorite savory snack. But those aren’t usually in my house, so I default to edamame steamed and then tossed in a mixture of chili powder, cayenne, salt, cilantro and lime/lemon juice. Totally addicting!

  • Melissa

    I love to make myself a grilled peanut butter & banana sandwich!

  • Melissa

    My favorite savory snack is baby carrots & hummus!!

  • Annie

    My favorite savory snack is Pirate’s Booty or popcorn.

  • Annie

    Favorite “single lady” meal is breakfast for dinner… Usually scrambled eggs w/ brown rice toast and either jam or pumpkin butter

  • Ohh my favorite single (cat) lady meal is an egg and cheese sandwich. Simple but delicious when made with a good cheese!

  • My favorite savory snack is stacy’s pita chips with some Whole Foods mild fresh salsa! I was nonchalant about chips until they entered my life!

  • Meredith

    My favorite meal to make for myself is chicken with kale or a simple spinach salad on the side.

  • Meredith

    My favorite snack is baguette (or a similar bread) dipped in olive oil. So simple, so delicious.

  • Manasi

    my favorite meal to make when i am on my own is salad with a fried egg and toast on the side. yum! i usually sprinkle some spicy mustard on top too!

    also re: WF post from today – i always line my roasting pans with parchment paper or foil so i don’t have a messy clean up afterwards!

    happy thursday!

  • jc

    i love oatmeal and kale salad

  • jc

    i love seasalted roasted chickpeas!

  • I love doing breakfast for dinner when I’m alone. The best.

  • lindsey

    Im an oddball but I LOVE making ‘big salads’- any Seinfeld fans still?

    Theres nothing like a colorful plate full of veggies- think avocado, beets, spinach, you name it I add it!

  • lindsey

    I’m a teacher and like you I constantly need snacks during the school day. My go to is plain greek yogurt with cinnamon.

  • my favorite homemade “meal” is buckwheat groats with cinnamon, pumpkin and flax seed. OR a pita stuffed with hummus, avocado and cucumber. Both so quick, easy and delicious!

  • roasted edamame is one of my favorite at-work snacks, or hummus & veggies :) – I seem to be having difficulties choosing just one!

  • alain

    thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway! I LOVE popchips – my all time fav flavor is still salt and pepper although I have not tried the jalapeno one yet!

    my favorite dinner to make for myself is tomato soup poured on top of rice and topped with a fried egg. that to me is comfort food that warms the soul.

  • alain

    right now my favorite savory snack is baked garbanzo beans. i do different flavor mixes but my favorite right now is coconut oil, curry powder, dash of sriracha and garlic powder and ginger powder.

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