Indian Summer (+ popchips winner round 2)

Morning! How are you today?

First things first, the winner of the popchips contest didn’t come forward, so here’s the new one! Please send me your address :-)


It was like Indian summer here today. 70 degrees… dress + cardigan weather!

indian summer.jpg

Breakfast celebrated lemon! Lemon Chobani (didn’t think I’d like this, but it’s one of my favorites!) and about 2/3 of a Lemon Bar Larabar (try saying that 10 times fast) crumbled in. Made my practice chemistry test go down a lot smoother.


In between classes, I munched on a CSA-fresh apple (RIP, summer/fall fruit share) while waiting for an appointment with my program’s advisor.


I’m working on getting a lunch idea post up in the next couple weeks, but on days I have class and have to bring it with me, a big salad with a bunch of different ingredients and textures is pretty standard.


In the box:

I was all too eager to take a break to eat… and read Catching Fire! So. good.

Afternoon snacks: instant hot cocoa (free in the student gov. office) + fig bar.


Before going home, I stopped in at Gap to use up a gift card and take advantage of a big sale they’re having right now: spend $100, get $40 back. Yes, please! Who doesn’t love a good deal?


  • black jeggings
  • red wool hat
  • 2 pairs tights: opaque black and sparkly black
  • baby gift (unpictured)

Dinner was leftover stir-fry and quinoa, to which I added grated parmesan. Asian + Italian don’t normally mix well (except at Basta Pasta, which is always a culinary masterpiece), but I was craving melted cheese.


For dessert, I made myself my new favorite treat: Katie’s One-Minute Chocolate Cake. To be honest, I was skeptical about a chocolate cake made in the microwave (although pumpkin cakes seem to work quite well!), but this. was. perfect. No exaggeration. I even made the frosting, which is made out of that fudge I love!   

chocolate cake.jpg

Just like the cat lady who writes angry notes to herself, I sat at my dining room table catching up on Gossip Girl and “Mmm!”-ing to myself. Might as well own it ;-) .


What are your quirks? Do you embrace them or try and hide them?

8 comments to Indian Summer (+ popchips winner round 2)

  • Awwww those socks are adorable! I had froggie socks like that once, but I have no idea where they are :( .

    Gossip Girl and chocolate cake sounds like the perfect night to me!

  • Giftcards make me happy. I totally just used one from last Christmas to buy myself this:

    I know it’s from the kids department, but at 4’11″ I can get away with it. I can’t wait to pair it with a black dress, tights, and my frye boots. Ah, retail therapy…

  • I love that hat! I was so excited when I saw Katies recipe for that chocolate cake, I can’t wait to try it! I used to try and hide my quirks but now I’m weird and proud!

  • Luke

    That lemon chobani reminded me of your lemon curd recommendations. I picked some up when the weather turned cold, but have failed to get up in time to make oatmeal! In response to my sister’s wailing “Why are you so weird?!” (punctuation just for you), I respond “I’m just trying to keep your life interesting/entertaining.” Success.

  • girl please. i don’t even try to hide my quirks! you should see me selecting “perfect” apples in the grocery store lol. i like them to be crisp! if it has the texture of sawdust i just can’t eat it, who likes mealy apples?!

  • I usually embrace my quirks, but it’s all about context. I’m pretty lame to the people at work, so they don’t see my fun quirks. Maybe extreme lameness is another quirk though???

    Love the socks :)

  • Hi Katie!
    I love your blog. I incessantly check back to see when you update. Fo’ realz. I like that you are a busy student like myself but you still make ridiculously easy and healthy dishes with lots o veggies- you are an inspiration to aspiring healthy eaters like myself. But i fully identify with your love of chocolate-I usually have to have some form of it before the day is done! I just made some bark with white/dark chocolate, nuts, and dried fruit. It is delish :)

    Anywho, I digress- love you/love your blog. keep it up girl!

  • Why does your food always look soooo delicious?! PS) I totally embrace my quirks; true life, I own a ton of socks with cats on them… and when I take my shoes off at work (also true life) my coworkers think I’m…”one of a kind?” :)

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