This weekend…

I am looking forward to sleeping in.

oats.jpg Oatmeal with banana, peanut butter, granola, goji berries + cinnamon

Luxuriating in bed with a new book.  

lunch.jpg Parmesan Garlic popchips, red leaf lettuce with broccolini-tofu stir-fry, carrots

Exercising… if the mood is right.

snack.jpg knotty CSA-fresh apple, chocolate chip oatmeal cookie

Dining with friends.

dinner.jpg Green salad, miso soup, cucumber-avocado roll, steamed shrimp shumai

Cooking this… or this… or this.

mochi2.jpg Shopping for mochi

Not stressing about tests.

mochi.jpg Green tea mochi with red bean paste

What are you up to this weekend?

20 comments to This weekend…

  • Dining with friends too at a little place called Josie’s! ;)

  • Sleeping in, making pancakes, going to the Womens show and going out for some wonderful dinners :)

  • kelsey

    im looking forward to sleeping in general! and maybe watching some movies. working on my christmas gifts [watercolors from europe, hell yah!] and maybe do some portfolio stuff. i need an internship [preferably in the northeast? yes please!] before all the others apply!
    the mochi! oh gosh, that brings me back :]

  • Mmm sleep…I am looking forward to rebooting my immune system this weekend.

    My grandfather turned 80 last month, and there’s a party on Sunday. I’m hoping it’s a good time.

  • All of that sounds so good! This weekend I am attending my best friends 30th 80′s themed birthday party dressed as a punk – good times!

  • That all sounds lovely! We are spending the weekend with a bundle of joshs friends that all just had babies

  • yessss the guac! i hope you do end up making it and like it. i get the feeling it’d be awesome with not only chips, but also naan bread. mmmm.

    i am looking forward to vegging out, catching up on food tv (i am cool), and seeing friends i don’t often get to see. oh, and cocktails. those’ll be nice.

  • I think we might take a road trip… :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  • MOCHI!!!!!! is my love. So delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This post makes me want to go to the Asian market.

    Good thing I am getting sushi tonight!! I’ll get my Japanese food craving taken care of!!

    P.S. that salad, cookie, and oatmeal all look phenom.


  • College football is on my calendar for this weekend – I’m a huge fan!

    Enjoy your weekend, girl. Looks like it’s gonna be relaxing! :)

  • sounds like a good plan to me! my weekend is starting off with a sushi dinner, a one hour couples massage, walk in the park + catching a film :) i’m really excited for 430 to come!

  • I think I want to hang out with you all weekend, sounds perfect!!! I don’t know what a mochi is, I just know it looks like I need one :)

  • Relaxing, eating, and hopefully writing for NaNoWriMo

  • haha i got your goodreads update! i was excited because i’m looking for a good book to read. any recs?

    this weekend i’m meeting deej & jenna in the city tonight for a meal, then tomorrow i thiiink i have a coffee date and some kitchen time for food prep for the week and then sunday heading out east to close up the summer house and then foootballllllllllllllll haha :) enjoy your relaxation lady!

  • Mmmm what are those mochi things? They look really good! :) I’m also trying not to stress about tests because (thank goodness) I just finished a bunch of tests this week.

  • avery

    I love that you keep exercising in the realm of your mood. Forcing yourself to exercise is a recipe for dread. That is why I try my best not to set my alarm clock to work out on weekends. I like to get up when my body is ready. That is what weekends are for, right?

    The bad news is I went to bed at 8:30 last night due a migraine (not exactly a rocking friday night!), the good news is I slept until 7:30 this morning, which means I was able to get 11 hours of sleep! Now I feel quite a bit better. Today I’m babysitting for a few hours and taking a couple of cute little kiddos to the children’s museum. Tonight, I’m seeing Tune Yards play at First Avenue. Have you heard of her? She is a musician/band that uses wacky drum and vocal looping that is crazy but also insanely catchy. I’m excited!

  • I am so bad at sleeping in. I always think maybe I can but sleeping past 8 (which is actually sleeping in for me) is so hard to pull off. haha

  • Mag

    Where did you find that cookie?! Looks delish.

  • I just returned from a two week marathon around Europe, so my Sunday was spent sorting through my things, going grocery shopping, and exercising for the first time in 15 days. it felt good.

    I hope your weekend was as relaxing as you’d hoped!

  • kim

    I love Japanese mochi, especially the one you ate. :)
    Have you tried the sakura version? It’s pink:)

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