Music Of My Angsty Heart

Remember this?


I woke up today with blink-182 in my head! Specifically, this gem. So while I made breakfast, I put the entire album on Spotify (although I do still have the CD somewhere) and danced around the kitchen like it was 1999. Jumping around to bouncy music from your youth is most definitely a good way to start the day!

Another good start? Breakfast with a friend! Anna and I met in the park yesterday, eating picnic-style (we each brought our own food), strolling and chatting. We covered a good two miles, looking at dogs and the fallen leaves.


I brought Katie’s Coconut Cookie Dough Oatmeal. Cookies for breakfast? Yes, please.
coconut cookie dough oatmeal.jpg

It’s one of her baked breakfasts, which takes about 25 minutes to cook. To save time, I mixed all of the ingredients the night before and just popped it in the oven when I woke up. To keep it warm- and keep my hands from burning!- I wrapped it in a dish towel with a spoon and put it in my purse. Who says you can’t have portable, warm breakfasts?

A couple hours later, Charley and I went back to the park for a long walk. He loves crunching around in the leaves! So many fun smells.
charley.jpg charley.jpg

For lunch, another “Mexi-Meal” with recooked refried beans, steamed butternut squash (with salt, pepper + cayenne), and arugula salad.

Plus chips + salsa (the last of the Sweet Heat!).
chips and salsa.jpg

A little later I hit the gym for what was meant to be a strength training session, but there were several people hogging the machines in the circuit! So I read a magazine on the bike then moved to the mat for ab exercises; when I don’t know what I really want to do at the gym, cardio + abs (+ push-ups) are pretty much my standard.   

Leaving the gym, I met a friend for drinks. Spandex + wine go quite well together, didn’t you know? Cardio + alcohol made me hungry like the wolf, so I went straight home and made dinner.

I have to warn you: I’m on sort of a beans + veggie kick right now. Although I was tempted to make a variation of this for all three meals, I somehow was able to hold back and keep it to two ;-) . Still, I made a slightly different dish and jazzed it up a little with some new things.

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker’s program, I received a slew of Newman’s Own products and a FlipCam! (Now that I’ve bitten the bullet and shared video of myself, there may be a VLOG in the future!) Roasted Garlic pasta sauce was on the menu; it had a deep tomato flavor and was just garlicky enough to keep the Cullens away.
newman's own.jpg

I had to find some way to use this blueberry goat cheese, too, so in it went, too.

blueberry goat cheese.jpg

I call this the I-Promise-I’m-Not-Pregnant , Mexi-Pizza!


It had a lot of really random ingredients, but somehow they all worked really well together: brown rice tortilla topped with roasted garlic pasta sauce, recooked refried beans, blueberry goat cheese, arugula, butternut squash, and chili flakes. Savory, sweet, spicy, salty, creamy.   

Dessert was also on the random side, but was- I warn you- an addicting combination that had me going back for seconds. The star? This new guy from Trader Joe’s. It’s sweet, like an almond version of Nutella. Oh, mama. Had it been 1999, I probably would have just stuck a spoon in it and called it a night!


But as it’s 2011, I made a bowl of chocolate sorbet with crushed peanut butter-filled pretzels and cocoa almond spread. dessert.jpg

I ate while watching Super, which reminded me a lot of Kick-Ass but starred Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson. Pretty good!

Take us down memory lane! What music from your youth have you listened to lately?

What’s your go-to gym routine?

13 comments to Music Of My Angsty Heart

  • Haha oh no… now I’m going to have “All the Small Things” stuck in my head all day!

    My go-to gym routine? Well, that would mean I actually GO to the gym. I am lazy and haven’t been in more than a year. Just looking at a gym makes me sleepy ;) .

  • That chocolate spread looks amazing and if I wasn’t vegan I would be dreaming about that goats cheese too. The music from my youth was a lot of ‘Brit Pop’ as we called it over here like Oasis and Blur – don’t think they ever cracked the States but they were big over here!

  • LOVE 90s (or 00s?) alternative rock. or poppy rock, i guess is more apt of a description for blink182. also love that picture of anna and that you guys have AM dates!

    see you sooooooooon!

  • That pizza looks pretty good to this pregnant lady :-)

  • Diana

    Wilson Phillips!!!!

    I love watch ‘The Amazing Race’ while I’m on the elliptical. Every time the contestants run somewhere, I pick up the speed. It makes 45 minutes fly by! The season will be over in 2 weeks and then I’ll have to find something else to keep me occupied. :(

  • hahahaha omg the blink album was my first “x rated” album and my mom wouldn’t let me listen to it so i kept it on REALLY low and would listen to and play barbies. UH WHAT thats an oxymoron. hahaha anyways i was a blink 182 badass.

    your last post reminded me of the seaweed snacks i have in my desk from tjs! ummm jumping into them right now!

  • oh i totally had that cd! music of ole for me includes: new found glory (got round house kicked in the head and knocked out!) get up kids et al haha. such an emo kid. my go to workouts have consisted of various exercises that i cycle through a 10s rest and 50s on pattern for 15 rounds. i’m sweaty after 15min and done with my workout for the day!

  • I’m pretty sure all of my Spice girls albums are still on my ipod. Good times in 3rd grade!

  • aj

    I love that you talk about your flash back music choices. I can sooo relate. My go-to was Ben Folds in high school and as well as the Foo-Fighters. The thing I love about the Foo Fighters is that there new stuff is just different enough to be exciting, but they really stay true to themselves as a bad and stick with certain things people love about their music. My dream is to meet Dave Grohl. He is such a rockstar.

    When I go to the gym I’m b-o-r-i-n-g. I usually hit up the tready (treadmill) and zen out/zone out for a bit. Then, If I’m feeling up to it, I’ll do some lunges, chest presses, pushes etc.

  • I’m been listening to the 90′s station on Sirius…it’s the only thing that gets me through the hideous LA traffic!

  • I love the classic Blink 182! As of late, I’ve brought out some Tori Amos, Boyz II Men, the Deftones, Tool, and Weezer. Nothing like mining the music collection and adding to your Ipod for a mix of more recent and less so;) When I exercise, I typically dance 3 nights a week, run 1-2 times a week, and if I’m feeling up to it, hit the exercise bike now and then.

  • That blueberry goat’s cheese looks AMAZING. My go-to exercise is probably a nice run, followed by abs. :)

  • Ah man! Blink 182 brings back memories from middle school.
    I recently busted out my Nsync Christmas album :)

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