Things To Do With…

…your photo project?

Day 3.JPG Day 3: hands

Day 4.JPG Day 4: a stranger (technically I asked the gentleman on the right, but Hat Man over here was extremely excited to be photographed as well and insisted he be part of the picture. This was around 11:30 PM in Koreatown, which may explain his exuberance…)

Day 5.JPG Day 4: 10 AM (After said night in Koreatown, when one needs a banana, water, ibuprofen, and a snuggle buddy… stat.)

… dried fruit?

Make your own preserves! Bon Appétit’s recipe for Dried Fruit Compote in Spiced Syrup was ridiculously easy, and a creative use for ginger beer. I seem to be on a sweet condiment kick…

Make Two-Bite Chocolate Cherry Balls. They’ll come in handy during that long walk you take in search of epic hot chocolate (Sunday’s flavor was Superbowl Hot Chocolate, flavored with- wait for it- beer).  

chocolate cherry balls.JPG

…bread + cheese:

Speaking of epic, this was a crazy weekend for cheesy bread. Crazy, I tell you!

1) Broiled whole wheat ciabatta with: 1a) cheddar, basil + tempeh bacon, and 1b) blueberry goat cheese. Dipped in marinara. Take that, Domino’s!

cheesy bread.jpg

2) Baked Egg Boats! Ours just have whole eggs, cheddar, smoked sea salt + pepper, but is this not the best idea ever? And check out the cheddar cheese “sail” and marinara “sea.”

baked egg boat.jpg

But what to do with the extra bread you’ve cut from the center? Make savory French toast! Inspired by Susan’s “Will It French Toast?” quest, we cooked our crusts in scrambled eggs and cheddar.

savory french toast.jpg

Bread, cheese and marinara, folks. It’s what dreams are made of.


… the waning contents of your fridge and pantry?

Make soup! And here’s a dirty little secret: when it comes to soup, you have a LOT of leeway for substitutions.

Take this Split Pea Sunshine & Saffron Soup, for example. Look at all of the changes I made for the sake of convenience:

  • subbed 1/2 fennel bulb + 1/2 onion for leeks
  • subbed 1 cup pumpkin purée for winter squash (added at the end)
  • subbed 1 medium-sized turnip for carrots
  • skipped the immersion blender and left it chunky (the original is a lot prettier than mine)

You should also feed your cornbread addiction with this recipe. The whole thing took 20 minutes from start to finish, and was just what my palate was craving. (It still is, actually, so I may make some for dinner tonight!)
crispy skillet cornbread.JPG

… an 8-year old eyelash curler?

Anything but curl your eyelashes with it.

I don’t wear mascara. I just don’t. I’m one of those people who can’t stop fidgeting with just about everything, and I touch my eyes all the time. (I was also blessed with particularly long black lashes, so mascara doesn’t make too much of a difference.) But, thinking that it’s sometimes nice to do girly things, I decided to at least curl my lashes. The curler behaved like a scissors and I now have patches of little stubs on my upper lashline, which prompted B to ask if I trim them. No, friends, I do not. Lesson learned.

What’s on your list of Things To Do today?

The 2012 Recipe Challenge page has been updated! It was a great week for new recipes. Have you made any new ones?

8 comments to Things To Do With…

  • Love the baked egg boats! Such a cute idea. :)
    Today, I have many a meetings and then I plan on going home and relaxing with a glass of wine and some spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs. I already can’t stop thinking about it. ;)

  • There is so much deliciousness in this post. Of note…I totally want the egg boat! To do today: taught Body Pump this morning, taking care of sick little Kaylin, cleaned the bathrooms, baking & mailing a gift to my secret blogger valentine, going for a walk with Kay & hopefully getting a start on her six month photo book!

  • thinkpositively

    I love the photo of the eyelash-curler. It could be blown up and hung on the walls of MOMA. Too bad about your lashes, but they’ll grow back. Hopefully.

    Tonight’s photo will be dinner, no?

  • omg you NEED the shumera curler in your life! it will not bite i promise. and eggs + marinara = WINNING combo

  • I feel the same way about eye make up! I’m always touching my eyes, and when I have eyeliner or shadow on, I always curse myself for having touched my eyes.

    Those baguettes look delicious!

  • I am so intrigued by your baked egg boats! If I can find a suitable GF substitute for the bread, this will be happening very soon. :)

    As for not wearing mascara: good decision. Unless you want racoon eyes by the end of the night. This happens to me way too often. :-p

  • YOU DON’T WEAR MASCARA!?! I am so jealous. My lashes are so wimpy.

    P.S. Obviously, this is the first comment in a long chain of comments to come on your blog… ;)

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