2/9/12: I ate this.

Well! It’s been a long time since I decided not to run through my day in terms of food, exercise, and everything in between. Now, I’m sharing everything from kitchen mishaps to my poor driving skills to the best-tasting balls around.

Still, since I did the what-I-ate thing daily for three-and-a-half years, it’s a hard habit to break! 99% of the photos on my computer are of food, not people (although the February Photo A Day project is inspiring me to shoot other things). I’m always curious about what my friends and family ate throughout the day; their meal ideas so often inspire my own. I thought it might be fun to bring the old format back every so often, just to keep things fresh.

As I’ve mentioned, the temperature in New York City apartments isn’t something you can count on. Many older buildings, in particular, don’t have central heating, and more often than not the super and landlord controls the heat. And more often than not, it is freezing when I get out of bed in the morning! Hot breakfast to the rescue.



Stovetop ingredients:

  • 1/3 cup rolled oats
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup flax milk
  • 1 t chia seeds
  • cinnamon
  • dried goji berries


After catching up on e-mails and getting my morning chores out of the way (what is it about mornings that makes them fly by so much faster than the rest of the day?), I did a quick 20 minute yoga podcast (you can find my list of free favorites here) before making lunch.

I’ve been obsessed with quesadillas lately. Depending on what I’ve got lying around, they’re pretty simple and usually just have two ingredients. My current favorite is black bean dip (Good Neighbor’s version, which I found at Whole Foods, is blended with chickpeas and jalapeño for a spicy, protein-packed kick) and Daiya cheese. Initially, I wasn’t a fan of this rice-based cheese, which I bought during the whole allergy debacle. However, there’s something about the combination of the bean dip and the crispy tortilla that has me craving it every day at lunch time.   

lunch.JPG Black bean + “cheddar” quesadilla, arugula + pepper salad, gnarly carrots

After lunch, a trip to the orthopedist to see what in tarnation has been going on with my foot.

#febphotoaday.JPG#febphotoaday Day 9: front door

For a little over a month I’ve had strange pain in both of my feet: it feels like both the ball of my feet and all of my toes are bruised. My right foot hurts the most, and I have a hard time both curling and flexing my toes. When I press on it, the pain seems to be concentrated around the second metatarsal on both the top and bottom of the foot. The feeling was similar to the dull ache I experienced when I had a stress fracture in my femur a few years ago, so I was worried that might be what it was.


There’s also a lot of tenderness when I press along my inner arch, which is probably my recurring plantar fasciitis flaring up.

So I met with the orthopedist, who took X-rays of both of my feet, looking specifically for stress fractures. Usually when stress fractures have had a while to develop, as mine would have, the X-ray displays a highlighted area where the bone has started to heal itself. Nothing showed up.
Soooo, now I’m waiting for my insurance company to approve an MRI, which, as a more sensitive test, would be able to scan for other things. It’s possible I do just have a bit of bruising along the bone; it’s also possible I’ve pinched a nerve between my second and third metatarsals. I’m not in constant pain; it’s more like a slow acceleration when I walk (which I do a lot, and think probably caused the problem) or during yoga. I’ll keep ya posted.
My visit to the doctor worked up quite an appetite, so when I got home I made myself a hearty snack of mango Chobani, chocolate fudge cake, and peanut butter. (Speaking of Chobani, check back on Monday for a chance to win your own!)

chobani snack.JPG

Just as the sun set, Anna and I met at the Orley Shabahang Gallery for the opening of an exhibit by Steven Colucci, a professional mime and painter.   The gallery is also a showcase for Oriental rugs, which were stacked and rolled all around the space. It was a cool juxtaposition of sparkly paint and dyed wool.

colucci opening.JPG

A glass of Tuscan red and a bite of a mac ‘n cheese ball (eh) while we brosed:

gallery snacks.JPG

Viewing art makes me hungry! Thankfully I’d prepped most of my dinner (sliced the sprouts, cooked the ‘cous) so it took almost no time at all to sit down to dinner. I made Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Dried Cherries and Israeli Couscous, substituting tempeh bacon and currants. I also halved the recipe and ate the whole thing as a main, rather than a side. Dee-lish!

brussels with couscous.JPG  

For dessert, chocolate chip cookies (x2) and a milk chocolate Adora disc. (Don’t forget to enter to win!)
cookies + adora.JPG

After dinner, I snuggled up with a little more wine and The Four-Faced Liar, a quirky romantic dramedy that I streamed on Netflix. I’ve been all about the romantic movies lately… I just saw Restless (very good!) and When Harry Met Sally (for the 4395 time). And, for whatever reason, I am ridiculously excited to see The Vow when it opens.


What kind of movies are you into right now?

What have you got going on this weekend? I’m going upstate, and am suuuuuper excited about it. It’ll be good to get out of the city! It’s also supposed to be 4˚…

17 comments to 2/9/12: I ate this.

  • I hope your foot pan goes away – I can attest to the fact that it’s NO fun, especially in such a pedestrian-friendly city. Every time my foot hurts in the slightest, I have a mini panic attack that the stress fracture has returned.

    As for movies, I just saw Haywire, which was awesome. Normally I’m not into action flicks, but this one is worth it. I’ve been more into TV lately…Californication in particular. Oh, and waiting for Mad Men!

    This weekend, I am pumping the breaks on my party hardy ways and going to a New Amsterdam Market cocktail reception tonight (I work with them and we’re previewing their Valentine’s market!), going out to dinner, and yoga-ing my brains out. That’s it. No swinging from scaffolding or taking shots :) Have fun upstate!!

  • I am not usually into Valentine themed movies but I am excited to see The Vow as well.

    Hope your foot feels better soon!

  • What a great breakfast-loving sun butter!! And that brussels salad is awesome. Hope you get the foot stuff figured out

  • yeouch! does the podiatrist think it’s a soft tissue repetitive use injury or were they leaning towards bone related? hope it gets better soon! i know fascial injuries take a while to heal up! tonight i’m headed to a fusion sushi place (the owner is japanese with a mexican wife!) it’s soooooo good! movie tonight is 50/50, i’ll prob bawl my eyes out!

  • Slava and I have movie night every week – lately we’ve been seeing new releases in theaters, but we also watch ( I force him to watch…) old classics.

  • I’ve been on a quesadilla kick too. A new discovery, Fiber and Flax tortillas (made by La Tortilla Factory, the same company that makes those low carb whole wheat tortillas that are so popular in food blog world), are fantastic! Favorite combination: a thin layer of vegetarian refried beans, cheddar, shredded chicken and spinach, grilled on the stove. So good.

    Harry Met Sally is one of the greatest movies of all time. I’m always down for a good romantic comedy, so I’m looking forward to The Vow as well. (However, it looks like more of a drama).

    Enjoy your weekend in upstate NY!

  • How was that movie? Worth watching? I saw it the other night and almost plunged in. Let me know!

    PS: I’m plotting the Rose-takes-over-NYC trip. I’m thinking *April* (that’s when I get vacation days!)… I’ll be in touch :)

  • I hope your foot feels better soon!

    I’ve never been big on Valentines-themed movies, but never say never.

    I just watched HappyThankYouMorePlease the other night and it made me smile.

  • omg i’m going through a major brussels sprouts phase right now OH and pea shoots haha even though that has nothing to do with it it just seems like it does hahaha

    ANYWAYS ugh MRIs suck! keep us posted!

    happy weekend girl :) we need to plan another date asap! xoxo

  • Sorry about your foot. I hope it gets well soon!

    The oats look great. I still haven’t tried goji berries, but I think I had a shampoo with them once. ha

  • Well I have just about nothing going on this weekend for once…but I am super excited to see the Vow!

  • I had plantar fasciitis a couple years ago and was terrified it was a stress fracture. It took me a year to pay off the medical bills to get it checked out, but I would definitely take that over a fracture diagnosis. That shit hurts! Feel better, mamacita!

  • shannon

    i’ve missed your what-i-ates! your meals definitely inspire me to add diversity to what i eat.. hope your foot feels better!

  • Oh no! I hope your foot gets better soon.

    I wouldn’t mind a warm my bones bowl of oats right now. Seriously.

  • Brussel sprouts and bacon are a favourite combo of mine – yum :)

  • Hope you find out what’s going on with your foot soon! Injuries are such a drag! :(

    I need to make that brussel sprouts dish ASAP! I wish I knew about it earlier, since I have some leftover tempeh bacon in the fridge. But I promised myself I wouldn’t buy more groceries until the weekend.

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