To The Snow-Dusted Country

On Friday afternoon, B and I packed up and got the hell out of Dodge for a quiet weekend away.


The forecast read cold, so we turned on the heat and pulled out the blankets.


No signs of city life here!


We woke up to blue skies and crisp air. There’s something so magical about being up early on a Saturday morning! To the diner we go.
diner breakfast.jpg

I’ll let you guess who ordered the biscuits ‘n gravy… apparently they were up to snuff!

biscuits and gravy.jpg

The next morning, we pulled on our thinking caps (and smartphones) to see what other nearby breakfast spots we could find. Sure enough, Brittany’s Diner was in driving distance!


A combination convenience store/ restaurant, Brittany makes a mean pancake (we split orders of chocolate chip and blueberry, eggs on the side) and a good cup of coffee. And like all good neighborhood digs, everyone inside seemed to know each other! Hope to come back and become regulars, too.

brittany's diner.jpg

We brought the what dwindling perishable groceries we had, which made for cozy dinners at home. Night 1:  Rice Noodle Bowls with Crispy Tofu.


Night 2, leftovers transformed: Collard Greens with Roasted Kobucha Squash substituting kale and turnips, and simmering in the previous night’s tofu, peppers and rice noodles.

coconut tofu.jpg

Dessert both nights: Single-Serving Mocha Cake, topped with ice cream and our secret chocolate sauce.

one minute mocha cake.jpg

Evening entertainment: Friends with Benefits (you were right, Carlye, this was surprisingly good!) and Coal Miner’s Daughter .

happy.JPG #febphotoaday, day 11: makes you happy.

We spent Saturday driving around, visiting nearby towns.



Exploring is fun! There is so much left to be seen, and so much to be seen again.



After a wrong turn, we happened upon a frozen river where people were ice-fishing! I half-expected to see Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon sitting out there, sharing a tall boy.


I will admit that I was a little scared. Not about walking onto the ice, as you might think, but about climbing down the steep dirt embankment! Not to worry: we made it out in one piece.


On Sunday, after a full morning and with (almost-) full bellies, we (he) drove back to the city.


Random rest stop munch: banana, garlic knot, black coffee. Eat what you crave!


Leaving our weekend just a few steps behind us, I couldn’t have been more content or ready for the week ahead. Minor stresses and unknowns can be frightening and worrisome, but when you really get down to it, it’s the quieter like building a fort in your bedroom and making snowshapes out of winter’s first snow that we’ll actually remember. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, both to remind myself to enjoy the ride and to make sure I’m not dreaming.

What’s your favorite way to escape? A book? A car trip? An urban s’more?

And now, for the winner of the Adora giveaway


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P.S. The 2012 Recipe Challenge page has been updated!

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