Variations On A Green

There is not a drop of Irish blood in my veins. Come on, look at that hair! That nose!


Well, okay, there’s probably a little bit. And definitely Scotch and English, if we’re going way back. Anyway, point of the story is, in years past St. Patrick’s Day didn’t mean a thing to me; last year I took myself out to a fancy lunch and side-stepped drunk office workers playing hookie, and the year before spent 20 minutes trying to cross the street through the parade. This year, however, I found myself making green dessert and baking soda bread before noon on a Saturday for a themed brunch we put on for a few friends.

To drink, a coriander and orange spiced cocktail called The Morocco. So, yes, this is actually neither green nor Irish. BUT, Ireland’s colors are orange and green, right? And they’re in the same time zone! Er… anyway, we didn’t end up drinking these but sipped on mimosas instead. (I’ll be dipping into the shaker that’s chilling in the fridge after work tonight, though, so don’t you worry!)

the morocco cocktail.JPG

We set up a make-your-own “Benedict” bar, with poached eggs, toasted English muffins, roasted red peppers, avocado whip (recipe coming soon!), smoked salmon, black beans and cheddar cheese. Basically, we put out each of the ingredients B and I enjoy on the regular and suggested our guests eat them all together.

benedict bar.JPG

It may look strange, but the combination worked really well! A side of arugula salad (another recipe coming soon!) to keep up the green theme.

Shayne and Daniel brought over a boule of homemade (vegan) soda bread with rosemary, thyme and sundried tomato. Delish! I’ve been feeling the rosemary in a major way as of late. We’d planned to have a “soda bread-off,” but I got a little too excited and removed our own sweet loaf (an LVP family tradition by way of Bob’s Red Mill) before it was done.

soda bread.JPG

For dessert, Rebecca and Alex brought fudgy brownies, which complemented our Key Lime Pie Parfaits quite well!

mini key lime pie parfaits.JPG

Only after the parfaits were praised did I share my dirty little secret: not only were the parfaits vegan and blended with tofu, almond and coconut milk, but they were dyed green with… wait for it… spinach!   


Neither of these ingredients were detectable at all. Still, I figured that fellow food bloggin’ ladies (and the men who love them) would be the ideal taste-testers ;-) . Thanks to Sofia for the photos… I hardly took a single picture!


All in all, brunch was a success! And it’s given me the hosting bug… can’t wait to have more friends over for more nibbles, whether they’re colored orange with carrot or brown with stout.

Later in the evening, we dug into the peanut butter/pretzel/chocolate chunk ice cream Sofia and BT (above) made… with a crumbled brownie, it was amazingly addictive. I believe the phrase Sofia used was “like crack,” and she was right.

ice cream.JPG

Have you ever hosted a meal? Did it have a theme? What did you make?

11 comments to Variations On A Green

  • A benedict bar is a rather genius of an idea – brilliant! Really quite jealous. I’m looking forward to April 16th, when it’s officially Egg’s Benedict Day, and I HAVE to make them for breakfast… and maybe lunch too… and maybe dinner as well!

  • SO fun! Everything looks great. I love the idea of the make your own Benedict bar. That dessert sounds fantastic- love how natural it is. And I’m always a fan of soda bread. I’ve hosted a few dinner parties, but I have a big one coming up- its going to be meatball themed.

  • usually i am lazy and only read blogs without replying…but your ideas and photos are too good so…here it is~!:)support

  • I absolutely love hosting food events but it can be so much work. You definitely want to please everyone and not everyone has the same taste in food so it can be challenging. Looks like yours was a success! :)

  • Aww you made the parfaits! They look beautiful!

    You’re right… Ireland’s flag isn’t just green. I wonder why no one celebrates orange on St. Patrick’s Day.

    I love hosting parties… not so big on cleaning up afterward, though!

  • Hey Katie! I usually don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day either…I guess I just never got why it’s celebrated? But any excuse to get together with friends should be welcome :P Maybe I’ll try doing that next year, like you did. Btw, the ice cream and brownie combination sounds really good…who can resist any kind of ice cream with peanut butter, right? :D

  • what a greeeeeat brunch! I love the benedict bar idea! so so cool!

  • love anthony’s newfound fame via your blog. <3 and you host a lovely brunch, lady. next time we'll have to have you guys over and we'll do all the work!

  • Looking forward to that arugula recipe–I am loving it in all my salads these days!

  • I’d really love to host a themed meal. This afternoon we have an event for work which has a 1940′s theme so its all tea in vintage cups and cakes!

  • aj

    Tricky Tricky with the green dessert! I wish I had a food processor because then I could make a slew of desserts with silken tofu, they all look so good!

    Also, you are quite lucky that B shares your love of cooking and creating food. You must have so much fun together!

    I love to host theme meals, I did it every Monday for quite awhile and had a bunch of lady friends over to watch “The Bachelor”. The show was pretty lame this season, but it was fun to think of a food theme each week and get together!

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