Fresh Air By The Seashore

It feels like both forever and no time at all since we were last in Southampton with the pups. I can’t believe it’s May! It’s going to be a great Spring and Summer… I can feel it in my bones.

It was good to be back on Long Island for a weekend of R&R with my parents and B.


It felt so unbelievable to be able to stretch out on the deck and breathe in fresh air! Sitting inside all day is relaxing, but gets a little stuffy sometimes.   I also started a new book, which I love so far. Sadly I haven’t read too many great ones thus far in 2012, but I have a good feeling about this one.


I’m also really excited about the three cookbooks I took out of the library… I’ve marked almost every recipe as “to-make.”


On Sunday morning, my mom and I even went on a little shopping trip. (Although, to be honest, I’ve mostly been living in leggings and PJs!)

soft joie.JPG

We also finally, finally went to go see The Hunger Games. It was worth the wait! The handheld camera is a little nauseating in the beginning of the movie, but overall I found it to be really well done and (mostly) true to the book. And I’ve loved Jennifer Lawrence ever since she won my heart in Winter’s Bone .


I wasn’t sure how I would do sitting in a chair for three hours, but my legs actually didn’t fare too badly. I’m still having trouble with my circulation (all of the blood rushes to my calves when I stand in one place) so I sit with my legs stretched out and use a plastic folding chair when I shower. My whole body really does feel stronger every day, though, and I think it’ll only improve once I’m off the antibiotics in a couple days.

My appetite is still a little out of whack. First of all, I wake up in the morning between 5 and 7, regardless of what time I went to bed. This has happened every day since I’ve been home from the hospital, and you know what’s usually the culprit? My grumbling stomach! So I eat breakfast #1 by myself in the dining room, often in the dark, before stumbling back into bed for another hour or two of sleep. Usually, this is something easy like cereal or a PB&J.


Breakfast #2 comes a couple hours later; this weekend I ate oatmeal both mornings, but sometimes I’ll eat more cereal or, as was the case last week, a sandwich.


One of the side effects of the medication I’m on- and the only one I’m really experiencing- is that it kind of messes up your digestive tract (sorry) so I’m hungry all the time, but not always sure what I want to eat. Luckily, good food has been in no short supply!

A little Googling turned up a market and café in Sag Harbor called Provisions. It’s a really cute health food store that has everything (cue the crazy eyes) and seems to be a popular spot for celebrites who weekend in the Hamptons, too.

Provisions Sag Harbor.JPG

On my first visit, B and I both got burritos. Mine was a basic black bean/brown rice/cheese guy with guacamole (top notch) and salsa on the side. Quite simple, but it really hit the spot! (I’ve also been drinking quite a bit of kombucha for the probiotics and B vitamins.)

provisions sag harbor burrito.JPG

The second visit was with my mom; we needed fuel for our shopping trip!


She ordered the special BBQ chicken quesadilla, while I tried a romaine salad with grilled tempeh and tahini dressing. Seasoned with a generous sprinkle of gomasio (a mix of sea salt + sesame seeds) and Provisions’ homemade hot sauce, it was quite good! As was the thick wedge of cornbread I picked up on the way out.

tempeh caesar .JPG

On our way back to the city last night, our friend Lesley had us over to her cottage for a cozy dinner and a slice of hot pie.


We feasted on Orecchiette with Fried Chickpeas, Cracked Pepper and Sage, a mélange of ingredients that all worked really well together. Legumes are making up a big part of my diet right now, and I can’t get enough!

rosanne gold orecchiette.JPG

I think I’m also finally ready to get back in the kitchen again. My 2012 Recipe Challenge has been set back a few weeks, but no matter. I’m excited to try out my new cookbooks!

Have you seen any good movies lately? I’ve been glued to Mad Men on Netflix, but I really want to see The Avengers!

11 comments to Fresh Air By The Seashore

  • any weekend with seashells is a great one in my book! that tempeh salad looks fab!

  • Ada

    Ahhh I love Provisions, used to go there all the time. Sag Harbor also has a great place for lobster rolls. Glad you had a nice weekend!

  • Both the burrito and pasta look so good! Glad you had a nice weekend. Bummer about the digestive troubles, but I’m just SO glad you’re feeling better. <3 <3

  • I’m glad you are recovering well and in style, if I may add! It’s nice to have time to read too! I just started The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman and I love it so far (it’s about American journalists in Europe). The book you are reading looks familiar – what is it called?

    And I want all of your food. Seriously. You know how some people look to others for what to wear? Your blog is always “what to eat” for me, if that makes sense.

  • i love the way the air by the sea smells! i also strangely enjoy that salty/gritty feeling you have in your hair/skin after walking along the sand on a windy day! i haven’t seen a movie at the theatre in ages! i am a netflix girl all the way! not a movie, but the last thing i got in the mail was downton abbey the first few eps of season II so good!

  • Beth Ingber

    Just finished reading the last book of Hunger Games and can’t imagine watching such a brutal????? movie?????

  • bread'n'withit

    Seashells! Beach! B! Dog! Chickpeas! Deck! Mom! Perfect!

  • The Avengers movie is awesome, see it! All your food looks amazing and I’d love to get those recipe books, I wish my Library had them as I can’t justify buying them. Hope you have a great week xxx

  • kelsey

    look like a lovely time! glad you were able to rest up and enjoy it :]

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