Mother’s Day 2014

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mamas!


My dad was out of town, so my mom and I enjoyed some girls time. After a little research online, I made a reservation for brunch (lunch) at Goat Town, a sweet little place in the East Village. (More research taught me that “Goat-Town” means “Gotham” in Anglo Saxon!) The restaurant was busy and cheerful, filled with a mix of groups of friends, a young family, and a couple other mother-daughter pairs.

goat town.jpg

We had fun! The weather was spectacular, so the front windows and door was open and a nice breeze filled the room.

lvp goat town.jpg

The ribollita caught both of our eyes, and we both ordered it. This soup, made with white beans and carrots, was a perfect dish I will definitely be recreating at home. It was seasoned with a good amount of dill, and topped with raw lemony-kale and two poached eggs (and the non-gluten-free version included rosemary croutons). Paired with a perfectly spicy bloody mary (garnished with a pickled beet!) it was very a refreshing meal.

goat town ribollita.JPG

It was a beautifully warm afternoon, and the perfect time for a sweet treat. We tried to go to Lula’s Sweet Apothecary, which was right around the corner, for some good ole vegan ice cream, but they weren’t open yet. So we walked a little more and ended up at Sundaes and Cones, an ice cream shop I used to pass every single day when I worked in the East Village but never actually went to! (This was back in the days before Stogo closed, and Stogo was my very favorite). The ice cream and sorbet we had were both quite good (although I regretted the dairy for the rest of the day).

sundaes and cones.jpg

It’s a busy morning around here: I’ve got my first appointment with a nutritionist to try and figure out what- if any- changes I can make to my diet that will soothe my colitis medication-free. I’ll report back!

Did you celebrate Mother’s Day? What kinds of things do you like to do with your mom?

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